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Thursday Night Live!

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Past Events:

December 2016

December 2016 poster

22nd December, 2016: Marnie
2016-12-22 Marnie

15th December, 2016: The Yips
2016-12-15 The Yips

Monday 12th December, 2016: Christmas Quiz
2016-12-12 Chistmas Quiz

Friday 9th December, 2016: Comedy Night
2016-12-09 Comedy Night

8th December, 2016: Fly Yeti Fly
2016-12-08 Fly Yeti Fly

1st December, 2016: Jon Maybey
2016-12-01 Jon Maybey

November 2016

November 2016 poster

24th November, 2016: James Hollingsworth
2016-11-24 James Hollingsworth

17th November, 2016: Phantam Chic
2016-11-17 Phantam Chic

10th November, 2016: Wildwood Jack
2016-11-10 Wildwood Jack

5th November, 2016:
Bonfire Night Party
2016-11-05 Bonfire Night Party

3rd November, 2016: Howard & Badman
2016-11-03 Howard & Badman

October 2016

31st October, 2016: 
Halloween Quiz
2016-10-31 Halloween Quiz

October 2016 poster

27th October, 2016: Steve Page
2016-10-27 Steve Page

20th October, 2016: Manos Puestas
2016-10-20 Manos Puestas

14th October, 2016: Comedy Night
2016-10-14 Comedy Night

13th October, 2016: Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow
2016-10-13 Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow

6th October, 2016: TwoManTing
2016-10-06 TwoManTing

September 2016
September 2016 poster

29th September, 2016: Jon Maybey
2016-09-29 Jon Maybey

22nd September, 2016: Rob Craig
2016-09-22 Rob Craig

15th September, 2016: Rumours
2016-09-15 Rumours

8th September, 2016: Steve Dagleish
2016-09-08 Steve Dagleish

1st September, 2016: Jon Dyer & Alfie Gidley
2016-09-01 Jon Dyer and Alfie Gidley

August 2016
August 2016 poster

25th August, 2016: Tom Winsborough
2016-08-25 Tom Winsborough

18th August, 2016: Steve Page
2016-08-18 Steve Page

11th August, 2016: Chris Webb
2016-08-11 Chris Webb

4th August, 2016: The Fens
2016-08-04 The Fens

July 2016

28th July, 2016: Mike Bess
2016-07-28 Mike Bess

21st July, 2016: Sophronie
2016-07-21 Sophronie

14th July, 2016: Elliot Hall and Rapunzel
2016-07-14 Elliot Hall and Rapunzel

Friday 8th July - Sunday 10th July: SUMMER FESTIVAL!

Live Music lineup:
2016-07 Dolphin Summer Festival LINEUP

2016-07 Dolphin Summer Festival

June 2016
June 2016 poster

30th June, 2016: Hot Pink Fusion
2016-06-30 Hot Pink Fusion

23rd June, 2016: The Understairs [Glastonbury Alternative]
2016-06-23 The UnderStairs

16th June, 2016: Sunset Sunday [supported by Osmium Blacksmiths]
2016-06-16 Sunset Sunday

9th June, 2016: The Alchemist's Wardrobe

2016-06-09 The Alchemist's Wardrobe

2nd June, 2016: Blind River Scare
2016-06-02 Blind River Scare

May 2016
May 2016 poster

26th May, 2016: Rosie Eade Duo [supported by Palmer & Falloon]
2016-05-26 Rosie Eade Duo

19th May, 2016: Wildwood Kin
2016-05-19 Wildwood Kin

Friday 13th May, 2016: Comedy Night
2016-05-13 Comedy Night

12th May, 2016: eMu + Jon Maybey [double bill]
2016-05-12 eMu and Jon Maybey

5th May, 2016: 11th Hour
2016-05-05 11th Hour

April 2016
April 2016 poster

28th April, 2016: Marnie
2016-04-28 Marnie

21st April, 2016: Steve Dagleish
2016-04-21 Steve Dagleish

14th April, 2016: FOS Brothers
2016-04-14 FOS Brothers

7th April, 2016: Tom Westlake + Rivermouth
2016-04-07 Tom Westlake and RiverMouth

March 2016
March 2016 poster

31st March, 2016: James Hollingsworth
2016-03-31 James Hollingsworth

24th March, 2016: Wildwood Jack and Jon Maybey
2016-03-24 Wildwood Jack and Jon Maybey

17th March, 2016: Fresh Aire
2016-03-17 Fresh Aire

Friday 11th March, 2016: Comedy Night
2016-03-11 Comedy Night

10th March, 2016: Chris Webb
2016-03-10 Chris Webb

3rd March, 2016: Mike Bess
2016-03-03 Mike Bess

February 2016

February 2016 poster

25th February, 2016: Outlaw supported by Meera Higginson
2016-02-25 Outlaw

20th February, 2016: David Bowie Tribute and Fundraiser
2016-02-20 David Bowie Tribute and Fundraiser

18th February, 2016: Big Tom Winsborough

[The Alchemist's Wardrobe had to cancel]
2016-02-18 The Alchemist's Wardrobe

11th February, 2016: TwoManTing
2016-02-11 TwoManTing

4th February, 2016: Marnie
2016-02-04 Marnie

January 2016

January 2016 poster

28th January, 2016: Jon Maybey
2016-01-28 Jon Maybey

  21st January, 2016: Manos Puestas
2016-01-21 Manos Puestas

14th January, 2016: Rosie Eade Duo
2016-01-14 Rosie Eade Duo

7th January, 2016: The Fens
2016-01-07 The Fens

December 2015

December 2015 poster

New Year's Eve 2015/16 

The theme is 

Heroes & Villains

There will be a prize for the best dressed. 

Raffle and a live performance from Somerset's very own JK Howling

Looking forward to seeing you & your super pants on the 31st!

(We will be closed from 6pm - 8pm to allow time to decorate the pub)

17th December, 2015: Soalcake
with support from Kim McGavin and Ben Greenwood
2015-12-17 Soalcake

10th December, 2015: Chasin' Smoke
2015-12-10 Chasin' Smoke

3rd December, 2015: The Understairs (+ RiverMouth)
2015-12-03 The UnderStairs

November 2015
November 2015 poster

26th November, 2015: Blind River Scare
2015-11-26 Blind River Scare

19th November, 2015: Jon Maybey Trio
2015-11-19 Jon Maybey Trio

12th November, 2015: Manos Puestas
2015-11-12 Manos Puestas

5th November, 2015: Sunset Sunday
2015-11-05 Sunset Sunday

October 2015
October 2015 poster

29th October, 2015: Marnie
2015-10-29 Marnie

22nd October, 2015: Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow
2015-10-22 Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow

15th October, 2015: 11th Hour
2015-10-15 11th Hour

8th October, 2015: CaveMouth
2015-10-08 CaveMouth

1st October, 2015: Soalcake
2015-10-01 Soalcake

September 2015
September 2015 poster

24th September, 2015: crack*a*jack*crow
2015-09-24 crack*a*jack*crow

17th September, 2015: Wildwood Jack
2015-09-17 Wildwood Jack

10th September, 2015: Rosie Eade & Johnny Campbell
2015-09-10 Rosie Eade and Johnny Campbell

3rd September, 2015: Mike Bess
2015-09-03 Mike Bess

August 2015

2015-08 August 2015 poster

27th August, 2015: Sam Green and Joe James
2015-08-27 Sam Green and Joe James

20th August, 2015: Free Association
2015-08-20 Free Association

13th August, 2015: eMu
2015-08-13 eMu

6th August, 2015: Mostly James Taylor
2015-08-06 Mostly James Taylor

The 3rd Annual Summer Festival took place over the weekend of:
- Friday 31st July (8pm-11pm)
- Saturday 1st August (2pm-11pm) [please note lineup change for 5pm-7pm timeslot]
- Sunday 2nd August (2pm-8pm)

2015-07-31_2015-08-02 Summer Party

2015-07-31_2015-08-02 Summer Festival Lineup
Summer Festival Lineup:

Friday 31st July:
8:30pm Marnie (acoustic rock, soul, funk and blues)

Saturday 1st August
2pm - 4pm: North & South (close-harmony
Acoustic Covers Duo)
5pm - 7pm: Last One Home (unfortunately they had to cancel)
5pm - 6pm: Tom Harris (singer/songwriter)
6pm - 7pm: The Understairs
(the best band south of the traffic lights in Wiveliscombe!)
7pm - 8:30pm: Fancy Dress Mud Cuddling Event (*see explanation below)
9pm - 11pm: Jason Baxter & his Little Band (Boogie-woogie dance band)

Sunday 2nd August
2pm - 4pm: Jon Maybey Trio (roots fusion band)
4pm - 5pm: Raffle in Aid of Nepali Children's Trust
5pm - 7pm: Nick Parker & Co (singer/songwriter/guitarist with vocal harmonies)

*Fancy Dress Mud Cuddling: (Saturday 1st August, 7pm - 8:30pm)
Two competitors (in fancy dress, required) get into a mud-filled paddling pool; the winner is the one who ejects the other person from the pool. It will be a knockout competition, and there will be prizes! Remember, COMPETITORS MUST WEAR FANCY DRESS -- no exceptions!

July 2015

2015-07 July 2015 poster

23rd July, 2015: Andy Grant
2015-07-23 Andy Grant

16th July, 2015: TwoManTing
2015-07-16 TwoManTing

9th July, 2015: Steve Pledger
2015-07-09 Steve Pledger

2nd July, 2015: Hugh Price
2015-07-02 Hugh Price

June 2015

June 2015

25th June, 2015: Glastonbury Alternative
2015-06-25 Glastonbury Alternative

18th June, 2015: Free Association
2015-06-18 Free Association

11th June, 2015: Jason Baxter
2015-06-11 Jason Baxter

Saturday 6th June, 2015: Nepal Fundraiser
2015-06-06 Nepal Fundraiser

4th June, 2015: Manos Puestas
2015-06-04 Manos Puestas

May 2015

 May 2015 poster

28th May, 2015: JonMaybey (with Karen Turner)

2015-05-28 Jon Maybey

21st May, 2015: The Black Hole Of Daisies
2015-05-21 The Black Hole of Daisies

14th May, 2015: 11th Hour
2015-05-14 11th Hour

  7th May, 2015: The UnderStairs

2015-05-07 The UnderStairs

April 2015

2015-04 April 2015 poster

30th April, 2015: Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater with Kelly Oliver
2015-04-30 Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater with Kelly Oliver

23rd April, 2015: Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet
2015-04-23 Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

16th April, 2015: Hugh Price
2015-04-16 Hugh Price

9th April, 2015: Rosie May
2015-04-09 Rosie May

2nd April, 2015: Marnie
2015-04-02 Marnie

March 2015

March 2015 poster

26th March, 2015: Tobias ben Jacob

2015-03-26 Tobias ben Jacob

19th March, 2015: eMu (Jon Maybey and Mike Highfield)

2015-03-19 eMu

12th March, 2015: Rosie Eade and Johnny Campbell
2015-03-12 Rosie Eade and Johnny Campbell

5th March, 2015: Jemima Farey and Sharon Martin

2015-03-05 Jemima Farey and Sharon Martin

February 2015

2015-02 February 2015 poster

26th February, 2015: Fresh Aire

2015-02-26 Fresh Aire

19th February, 2015: Hot Pink Fusion

2015-02-19 Hot Pink Fusion

12th February, 2015: April Anderson supported by Tom Harris

2015-02-12 April Anderson with Tom Harris

5th February, 2015: Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

2015-02-05 Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

January 2015

2015-01 January 2015 poster

29th January, 2015: Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater

2015-01-29 Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater

22nd January, 2015: Dave Bernard and Friends

2015-01-22 Dave Bernard and Friends

15th January, 2015: Ryan HawkingsJon Maybey

2015-01-15 Ryan Hawkings and Jon Maybey

8th January, 2015: Trio Manouche

2015-01-08 Trio Manouche

December 2014

December 2014 poster

18th December: eMu (Jon Maybey and Mike Highfield)

2014-12-18 eMu

11th December: Andy Grant

2014-12-11 Andy Grant

4th December: Jason Baxter

2014-12-04 Jason Baxter

November 2014

2014-11 November 2014

27th November: Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

2014-11-27 Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

20th November, 2014: The Understairs

2014-11-20 The Understairs

13th November, 2014: Free Association

2014-11-13 Free Association

6th November, 2014: Lazibyrd

2014-11-06 Lazibyrd

October 2014:

October 2014

30th October, 2014: The Black Hole of Daisies

2014-10-30 The Black Hole of Daisies

23rd October, 2014: Free Association

2014-10-23 Free Association

17th October, 2014: Pirate Party with Calico Jack

2014-10-17 Pirate Party

16th October, 2014: CaveMouth

2014-10-16 CaveMouth

9th October
, 2014: TwoManTing

2014-10-09 TwoManTing

2nd October, 2014: The Boys from Melbourne Street

2014-10-02 The Boys from Melbourne Street

25th September, 2014: Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

2014-09-25 Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

18th September, 2014Nick Girone-Maddocks
2014-09-18 Nick Girone-Maddocks

11th September, 2014: Free Association

4th September, 2014: Rosie Eade and Johnny Campbell

2014-09-04 Rosie Eade and Johnny Campbell

21st August, 2014: Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman

/2014-08-21 Adam_Piggott and Jayne Freeman

July 2014

2014 Summer Party

2014-07-03 Sound of the Sirens July 2014

3rd July, 2014: Sound of the Sirens

10th July, 2014: The Night Owls

17th July, 2014: Dave Bernard

Sat 26th / Sun 27th July, 2014: Summer Party / Birthday Bash!

June 2014

5th June, 2014: Andy Grant

12th June, 2014: Two Door Folk Club + Steve Byam Duo
Two Door Folk Club will be visiting the Dolphin this Thursday following their successful tour of Germany. Fronted by songwriter and guitarist Nick Parker, the duo will perform a set of covers including Willie Nelson, Bell X1 and Glen Hansard.
They will be followed by the Steve Byam Duo playing Country and Blues, and featuring Mick Voo on slide guitar.

19th June, 2014: Marnie

26th June, 2014: BeatFlute Jam

May 2014

1st May, 2014: CaveMouth

8th May, 2014: Lazibyrd supported by Jon Maybey

15th May, 2014: Mambo Jambo

22nd May, 2014: Friendly Spirits Swing Quintet

29th May, 2014: Jason Baxter

May 2014 poster

April 2014

3rd April: Mozura

10th April: The Rosie Eade Band

17th April: Bottle Top Boogie Band Facebook - Bottle Top Boogie Band Twitter - Bottle Top Boogie Band YouTube - Bottle Top Boogie Band MySpace - Bottle Top Boogie Band Reverbnation - Bottle Top Boogie Band

24th April: Trefellas

March 2014

All concerts are on Thursdays at 8:30pm
[full details to come later -- watch this space!]

6th March: ThreeBridgesThree
Country Bluegrass Folk

Nick Girone-Maddocks and Jules Bushell of the ever-popular Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys teamed up with the accomplished fiddler Clare Mactaggart last summer. Fine harmonies and wicked double bass grooves add finesse to their excellent new songs but the trio still has room for some old Thunderbridge favourites.

13th March: FOS Brothers
Irish acoustic folk rock

Two brothers from Northern Ireland playing a stirring fusion of original and traditional songs on hypnotic acoustic guitars. They mix their own material with Irish folk songs and classics by rock legends such as Tom Waits. Touring for 15 years, they use a variety of instruments, audio FX and vocal harmonies to imbue power and meaning into some great music.

20th March: Blue Room Baboons
Funk and Soul

Somerset’s funkiest 6 piece band return to the Dolphin fronted by their outstanding and soulful female vocalist, Keira. They cover songs by Wild Cherry, Moloko and KC and the Sunshine Band and perform original material that is regularly played and praised by BBC Radio Somerset. Who says you can’t party on a Thursday evening!

27th March: TwoManTing
Afro-beat World

Continuously touring for two years and having played at WOMAD and the Montreaux Jazz Festival, TwoManTing come to the Dolphin with their sunny afro-pop sound. Jon Lewis’s bouncy African guitar licks and live loops are complimented by Jah’s djembe beats, and meaningful and witty lyrics, sung in Krio - his native tongue from Sierra Leone. Their acclaimed recordings are often featured on BBC Radio 3 and 6Music.

19th December: The Night Owls Facebook - The Night Owls YouTube - The Night Owls

December 2013 poster
[Click image for full-size version.]
High-resolution version for printing
(1.3MB PDF file)
19th November 2013 - The Night Owls
[Click image for full-size version.]

The Night Owls are a cafe swing band formed in 2007 to play the great songs of the 1920′ s and 30′ s. The original line up has developed with the addition ofdrums, National plectrum guitar and violin, but remains true to its roots still featuring the most popular instrument of the jazz age, the ukulele. Performing standards and more obscure songs the group sound tight and crisp embodying a real 1930′ s sound. The band have played successfully at many local gigs as well as appearing on the main stage at the UK Ukulele festival and live performances on BBC Somerset Sound and Apple AM. So get your toes tapping and dance the night away to the vintage sounds of Somerset’s hottest café swing band.

The Band:

Nipper: National Plectrum Guitar, Ukulele and Vocals
Founder member of the band, ‘Nipper’ has played ukulele since the age of 15 and is now a well known teacher of the instrument. He has published several books on how to play ukulele and written widely about all things uke. He also plays a 1931 National Plectrum guitar bringing an authentic sound of pre-war jazz to the band. He has performed in many bands including ‘Skaville Train’, ‘The Hot Tone Rhythm Boys’ and on occasion in a duo with Steven Sproat, he often performs solo with ukulele and voice. ‘Nipper’ spends many hours writing and recording ukulele music in his Taunton studio and researchingthe band’s songs from his extensive collection of 78rpm records.

Ali “Topsy” Foyle: Violin and Vocals
Topsy has been a professional violinist for more than 30 years, teaching and performing classical music as a member of several orchestras. In the last few years she has had a brief flirtation with folk playing in the band ‘Hopping Mad’, however in 2012 she began a journey into the world of jazz violin. Inspired by Stéphane Grappelli and Joe Venuti she brings a lyrical and swinging style that sits perfectly with the Night Owls. In addition to her violin Topsy sings a number of the Owls most popular songs, her light and inventive vocals delight all who hear them.

Ian Elenor: Double Bass
Ian is the heart of the Night Owls. He brings a wealth of bass playing experience having played for many years with local Hot Club jazz groups. In recent times he has concentrated on playing folk with music with Bridgwater based ‘Jankie Fardel’ and is a firm favourite in many local folk sessions.  His welcome return to jazz  has allowed  him to once again show off a style which is complex and inventive while always remaining focused on providing a solid underpinning to the band’s sound.

Paul McGrath: Drums
Paul brings many years experience in Jazz drumming and provides a solid swinging beat that keeps the band moving and the dancers jumping.


"They bring to life the sounds of yesteryear… a real hit”
[Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club]

“Just Fantastic”
[BBC Somerset Sound]

“A resounding Success”
[Francis Turner—Wilton House]
The Night Owls Band b

The Night Owls Band a

The Dolphin's Facebook Event Page for this gig is here.
Please click on "Join" there to let us know that you'll attend, and "Share" the page with your friends!

Please come and support superb-quality live music in Wellington, Somerset!

Mark your calendars, hold the dates, and tell your friends!

For details of past  Thursday Night Live! events, please scroll down or click here.

Wellington Surf and Social Club

Wellington Surf and Social Club
[Click image for full-size version.]
A social get together to meet other surfers in the local area.

A chance to meet like-minded people, cut the cost of travelling to the beach by organising lift shares, childcare while you're in the water, and organised surf-orietated day trips and weekends away.

Meeting every Wednesday from 8ish at:
The Dolphin, 37 Waterloo Road, Wellington TA21 8JQ [map]


There is also a Group on Facebook:


"Where surfers from Wellington and Taunton meet, make friends and plans for trips to the beach or if its flat try new things."

Membership is completely free and open -- join the Group today!

Open Mic Night poster
[Click poster for full-size version]
Open Mic Night: (first Tuesday of every month)

Having gained support from local musicians we are now able to announce that the first Tuesday of every month we will be holding an open mic night hosted by Ryan Hawkings. It's shaping up to be a cracker of a night so if you are a performer please contact the pub in advance and we will reserve a slot in the spotlight for you.

Other Events:

We celebrate real ales every tuesday as they are all available for only £3 per pint!

There is also a monthly book club, the date and monthly book is posted on our home page.

Past Events:

December 2013

12th December: Andy Grant Facebook - Andy Grant Trio MySpace - Andy Grant Trio Reverbnation - Andy Grant Trio YouTube - Andy Grant Trio

Andy Grant (guitar and vocals) will be joined tonight by another member of his trio, jazz punk double bass virtuoso Simon Rushbrook.

After fleeing a job in an African gold mine, Andy made ends meet playing original blues music on street corners from Melbourne to Copenhagen. Now, residing in England, he has earned a wide and loyal fan base. Clocking upwards of 150 shows a year, Andy and his band are becoming masters of their art: good time blues music with great feel and no boundaries.

The Dolphin's Facebook Event Page for this gig is here.
Please click on "Join" there to let us know that you'll attend, and "Share" the page with your friends!
12th November 2013 - Andy Grant
[Click image for full-size version.]

Andy Grant and Simon Rushbrook

5th December: TwoManTing Facebook - TwoManTing Twitter - TwoManTing YouTube - TwoManTing MySpace - TwoManTing Reverbnation - TwoManTing

supported by Lionel Took

Continuously touring for two years and having played at WOMAD and the Montreux Jazz Festival, TwoManTing return to the Dolphin with their sunny afro-pop sound.  Jon Lewis’s bouncy African guitar licks and live loops are complimented by Jah’s djembe beats, and meaningful and witty lyrics, sung in Krio - his native tongue from Sierra Leone.

Sunshine Afro-roots from Sierra Leone/UK! Let's bring back a bit of summer....

Palm wine, highlife and acoustic dub inspired by the beaches of Freetown and honed in the sunny, muddy festival fields of Britain.

"Full of such bright, tuneful moments, this will really take off in an intimate live setting" Roots magazine

"Brilliant - love this sound! If you want a bit of summer, get this into your ear holes!" Lauren Laverne, BBC 6.

They will be supported tonight by Lionel Took, who recently moved to Bradford on Tone from Berkshire, and plays acoustic blues guitar with a strong, soulful vocal.

'I played a lot of gigs in the late 1960s and 1970s, mostly around London and Essex. For a while I was a regular singing blues and my own songs at places like The Troubadour and Bungies Coffee Bar, during the early era of the likes of Davey Graham, Bert Jansch and John Rembourn. But like so many aspiring musicians, I found work somewhere else, and got into the amateur music scene wherever I lived. The blues and acoustic music possibilities in the west country are fantastic, and I'm getting back to playing the music I love.'

The Dolphin's Facebook Event Page for this gig is here.
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5th November 2013 - TwoManTing
[Click image for full-size version.]

November 2013

28th November: Steve Pledger Facebook - Steve Pledger Twitter - Steve Pledger YouTube - Steve Pledger

28th November 2013 - Steve Pledger
[Click image for full-size version.]


Born in Cambridge, Steve grew up in the nearby market town of St Neots. Now living in Somerset with wife Becky and their 3 children, he keeps busy by promoting the local music scene, writing new material, gigging and generally seeking to use music for the common good. Clearly a bit of a dreamer, his aim is often set higher than the standards he meets but he doesn’t see this as a good reason for lowering either.

There’s much more to tell but it’ll have to wait.

Musical influences are many, varied and not always obvious. They include - in no particular order - Graham Parker, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, Rush, Sam Cooke, Martyn Joseph, Van Morrison, Ryan Adams, Don McLean, Elvis (both of them) and Bruce Springsteen. Add to this a liking for most musical styles - when executed well - and you get the idea.

Steve’s debut album, ‘14 Good Intentions’, was released in 2012. Featuring 16 songs, (there are 2 bonus tracks!) the album shifts between fragile reflections on love & loss to blistering protest & social commentary… & more besides. The emphasis is very much on the spirit of the performance of the songs and as such, the album goes a long way towards capturing the impact of a live gig.

He sincerely hopes that whether at a gig, on the web or via a CD/download you will find something in these songs to take away and use for the good.

“’14 Good Intentions’ shows the formidable range & depth of Steve Pledger’s lyrical & melodic talents. An album of shades & light, & an astute & pastoral commentary on some of the shallow preoccupations of our times. Tender, thought-provoking & assured… an album to be played again, & again.” Stewart Henderson, poet & broadcaster

“Somerset’s finest singer/songwriter” The Castle Inn, Dunster

“A talented performer… well on his way to becoming a professional”Roadwater Performance Club

[bio taken from Steve's Website]

The Dolphin's Facebook Event Page for this gig is here.
Please click on "Join" to let us know that you'll attend, and Share the page with your friends!

21st November: Darren Hodge  Facebook - Darren Hodge Twitter - Darren Hodge YouTube - Darren Hodge Reverbnation - Darren Hodge

supporting act: Bob GallieFacebook - Bob Gallie YouTube - Bob Gallie MySpace - Bob Gallie Reverbnation - Bob Gallie SoundCloud - Bob Gallie

21st November 2013 - Darren Hodge and Bob Gallie
[Click image for full-size version.]
A high-resolution version for printing
is here (3MB PDF file)

Darren Hodge is a young man who, although only seventeen, is regarded by his peers as one of the top young guitarists in the UK. Since picking up his first guitar five years ago, he has been astounding audiences nationwide with his instrumental style of playing. He is completely self-taught and from very early on, it was clear to those around him that he had a unique gift.

After five years of hard work and dedication he is still perfecting his talent but what you will hear will leave you astounded for such a young man just starting out. All this has culminated in the completion of his first solo album Titled "The Road To Nashville" (available at Amazon), including seven original pieces composed by Darren. All in the industry who have heard him perform agree that this young man is a star in the making.


BBC Young Folk Award joy for Taunton musician Darren Hodge (Somerset County Gazette)

Bridgwater student for final of BBC Radio 2 music competition (Cheddar Valley Gazette)

2013 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Weekend (UBC media)

"Darren Hodge Shines !!!! such a world class guest did not overshadow the supporting artist, the superb young guitarist Darren Hodge from Taunton, who is considered to be one of the best up and coming young talents in the country and is being sponsored by Tanglewood guitars. Darren gave us an absolute cascade of notes in two 15 minute sets and the audience was utterly amazed at his ability, both in his own compositions, such as “The Western Shuffle” written for a secondary school teacher, and “Sixteen Years Young” written for a friend, and the standard “Classical Gas”, his mind-boggling finale."

  • Somerset County Gazette:

TONIGHT: Darren Hodge plays at The Dolphin, Wellington

Darren Hodge 1

Darren Hodge 2

Darren Hodge 3

Darren will be supported by Bob Gallie.

"Ex Frontman for Brian Tatler from Diamond Head, Bob Gallie sings from the soul, going back to his roots playing acoustic songs with broken melodies and diverse lyrics...searching for a better world.
Maybe, just maybe...there may be some sense hidden somewhere
in the light.....shaded in the dark...just search"
[from Bob's ReverbNation page]

Bob also has a bio on the Green Man Festival Website.

Bob Gallie
The Dolphin's Facebook Event Page for this gig is here.
Please click on "Join" to let us know that you'll attend, and Share the page with your friends!

14th November: Rosie Eade Band 
Facebook - Rosie Eade Twitter - Rosie Eade YouTube - Rosie Eade MySpace - Rosie Eade Reverbnation - Rosie Eade Lemonrock - Rosie Eade

14th November 2013 - Rosie Eade Band

Rosie Eade "Folk-Pixie": Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Female Fronted Folk-Rock with 3/4 size classical guitar. Plays lively and evocative life inspired songs of her own, interspersed with carefully chosen traditional songs, all arranged around her love of folk, rock and thrashing her old nylon strung guitar.

"Rosie’s voice ranges from fairy-like frailty to rich, rounded and rocky – she’s equally at home empathising with gentle lyrics or punching out a potent folk rock vibe."
FolkWords, 2012

"Rosie Eade, one of the finest new voices on the acoustic scene"
Burnham-On-Sea Folk Festival, 2010

Rosie Eade Band 1

Rosie Eade 1

The Dolphin's Facebook Event Page for this gig is here.

7th November: Hot Pink Flowers SoundCloud - Fodo (Hot Pink Flowers)

7th November 2013 - Hot Pink Flowers

October 20132013-10 Dolphin TNL bands October 2013 300x425 

31st October: Bottle Top Boogie Band Facebook - Bottle Top Boogie Band Twitter - Bottle Top Boogie Band YouTube - Bottle Top Boogie Band MySpace - Bottle Top Boogie Band Reverbnation - Bottle Top Boogie Band
31st October 2013 - Bottle Top Boogie Band
[Click image for full-size version.]

Zany, up-tempo skiffle band with ukulele, harmonica, cardboard box bass and zob stick! They might not look like scary ghouls but its Halloween and front man Captain Skiffle just might make you jump!

The Bottle Tops are:
- Captain Skiffle on guitar, harmonica, ukulele and loud shouting
- Twig on cardboard box bass
- Kev the Rev on more guitar
- Jimmus on snare and zob stick

"The Bottle Top Boogie Band are energetic exponents of skiffle - a music craze that swept England in the 1950's, and inspired everyone from the Beatles, through to Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones.  The band combine home made instruments (including cardboard box bass and zob stick) with an up-tempo attitude"
England, My England Festival News
Taunton Brewhouse

The Facebook Event Page for this gig is here. Please click on "Join" to let us know that you'll attend, and Share the page with your friends!
Bottle Top Boogie Band

Bottle Top Boogie Band

24th October:
ThreeBridgesThree  Facebook - ThreeBridgesThree

24th October 2013 - ThreeBridgesThree
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Nick Girone-Maddocks and Jules Bushell of the ever-popular Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys have teamed up with fiddler Clare Mactaggart.

As well as performing lots of excellent new songs, the band still has room for some old Thunderbridge favourites.

There is a nice article about the trio on the Around Wellington Website.

The Facebook Event Page for this gig is here. Please click on "Join" to let us know that you'll attend, and Share the page with your friends!

17th October: Catlow, Sykes and Hawes YouTube - Catlow, Sykes and Hawes

17th October 2013 - Catlow, Sykes and Hawes
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Three members of Bristol-based Gypsy/Balkan folk band  Sheelanagig:

- Aaron Catlow (violin, vocals)

- Adrian Sykes (flute, tabla, banjo, vocals)

- Kit Hawes (guitar, vocals)

  These highly skilled and entertaining musicians will perform a set of classic bluegrass songs, wielding guitars, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and percussion as well as singing perfect 3-part harmonies.

Whether or not you are a bluegrass fan, this evening will be a real musical treat.

A video of them playing is at j.mp/dolphincsh.

The Facebook Event Page for this gig is here. Please click on "Join" to let us know that you'll attend, and Share the page with your friends!
Catlow, Sykes and Hawes

10th October: Sound of the Sirens

Facebook - Sound of the Sirens Twitter - Sound of the Sirens YouTube - Sound of the Sirens MySpace - Sound of the Sirens Reverbnation - Sound of the Sirens Lemonrock - Sound of the Sirens SoundCloud - Sound of the Sirens iTunes - Sound of the Sirens

"Two girls, two guitars, one big sound!"

10th October 2013 - Sound of the SirensSound of the Sirens, one of the most popular bands to have played at The Dolphin, are returning for their third gig here!

Since their last visit to The Dolphin in July, they have:

- been nominated (i.e. they are in the Final 3) at the South West Music Awards 2013 in the categories "Best Acoustic Act" and "Best Single / EP of 2013" (for "It's Me, I'm Here", available on iTunes);

- played Music festivals from London to Cornwall -- at many of which they were the headline act -- including Victorious Festival, The Little Big Peace Event, Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival, Totnes Pride, and many others, garnering rave reviews and acquiring legions of new fans;

- been awarded time in the world-class "State of the Ark" recording studio;

... but they are still taking time out from their busy schedule to play at The Dolphin's Thursday Night Live! music sessions!

So please come and support them, as they have supported The Dolphin! Admission is FREE but a hat will be passed so that you can express your appreciation, and continue to support high-quality live music in Wellington!

Do not miss this opportunity to hear a superb band destined for great things!

The Facebook Event Page for this gig is here. Please click on "Join" to let us know that you'll attend, and Share the page with your friends!Sound of the Sirens

Sound of the Sirens at Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival 2013

Sound of the Sirens 
September 2013
 September 2013 poster
Thursday 12th September, 8:30pm:
Blue Room Baboons (unplugged)
Facebook - Blue Room Baboons Twitter - Blue Room Baboons YouTube - Blue Room Baboons MySpace - Blue Room Baboons Reverbnation - Blue Room Baboons Lemonrock - Blue Room Baboons
Acoustic set by one of Somerset’s funkiest bands!
Fronted by their outstanding and soulful female vocalist Keira, they cover the likes of Wild Cherry, Moloko, and KC and the Sunshine Band, and perform original material that has been highly praised by BBC Radio Somerset. Blue_Room_Baboons_02 Blue_Room_Baboons_03

Thursday 19th September, 8:30pm:
Jono  Twitter - Black Hole of Daisies
Jon Maybey Facebook - Jon Maybey Twitter - Jon Maybey YouTube - Jon Maybey MySpace - Jon Maybey Reverbnation - Jon Maybey
Local double bill of folk, country, blues, jazz and world music

- Singer-songwriter/guitarist/harmonica player Jono fronts local band The Black Hole of Daisies. With echoes of John Martyn, he performs covers of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix as well as his own original material.

- Jon Maybey plays acoustic guitar and mandolin with loops and FX, blending Celtic folk with Blues, Reggae, and Eastern European styles. Instrumental music for the heart, head, and tapping toes!
Jon Maybey

Thursday 26th September, 8:30pm:
Mitchell and Vincent Facebook - Mitchell and Vincent Twitter - David Mitchell Twitter - Graham Vincent YouTube - Mitchell and Vincent Reverbnation - Mitchell and Vincent Lemonrock - Mitchell and Vincent

Irish Acoustic Duo

Mitchell and Vincent (Graham Vincent on left, David Mitchell on right)Former instrument makers who play their own hand built guitars and mandolas all over SouthWest England. David Mitchell also plays the whistle, and Graham Vincent sings and plays the violin. They perform traditional music of the British Isles, mixed with original material and the occasional modern cover version.
Dolphin First Birthday July 2013[Click poster for full-size version]The Dolphin's First Birthday Party!

July 11-14, 2013

Thursday 11th July:
TwoManTing Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Reverbnation

Friday 12th July:
The Rosie Eade Band Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Reverbnation Lemonrock

Saturday 13th July:
Jon Maybey Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Reverbnation
Ginger & The Russian Facebook YouTube
The FOS Brothers  Facebook YouTube MySpace Reverbnation Lemonrock
Sound of the Sirens Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Reverbnation Lemonrock
 SoundCloud - Sound of the Sirens iTunes - Sound of the Sirens

Sunday 14th July:
Krasa [Eastern European Folk Music]
Vela YouTube

Plus Children's Entertainment, BBQ, and Raffle!
June 2013 poster[Click poster for full-size version]June 2013

Thursday 6th June:
Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Reverbnation

Thursday 13th June:
Slapjack Duo
Bill and Gordon
[Double bill of instrumental Folk and Country songs]
Thursday 20th June:
Jon Maybey Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Reverbnation and Karen Turner
Thursday 27th June: Trefellas Facebook YouTube

May 2013[Click poster for full-size version]May 2013

Thursday 2nd May:
Nick Girone-Maddocks Twitter YouTube MySpace and Jules Bushell

Thursday 9th May:
Hot Pink Flowers
Thursday 16th May:
The FOS Brothers  Facebook YouTube MySpace Reverbnation Lemonrock
Thursday 23rd May: The Boys from Melbourne Street YouTube MySpace
Thursday 30th May:
Jerry Cahill YouTube MySpaceBob Gallie YouTube MySpace Reverbnation

April 2013 poster[Click poster for full-size version]April 2013

Thursday 4th April:
The Black Hole of Daisies Twitter

Thursday 11th April:
Sound of the Sirens Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Reverbnation Lemonrock SoundCloud - Sound of the Sirens iTunes - Sound of the Sirens

Thursday 18th April:
The Marnie Trio Band  Facebook YouTube MySpace Lemonrock

Thursday 25th April: Stampita Facebook YouTube

December 31st 2012 - New Year's Eve!

December 31st 2012 - New Year's Eve!

December 7th 2012 - Gaza Disaster Appeal

2012-12-07 Gaza Disaster Appeal

November 30th 2012 - Mexican Fiesta

2012-11-30 Mexican Fiesta

September 2013 poster